São Bento da Porta Aberta” is situated in a privileged location. Surrounded by the mountains of the Peneda Geres National Park (PNPG) and the Caniçada Bayou. The contact with nature is permanent.

Anywhere you discover the history. In walks inside the ancient vegetation through the hiking trails, we explore all the natural wealth, in various forms of Tourism of Nature. The water falls, the forests of oak and holly, all the lush vegetation and the rocky granite outcrops, make this place a unique example, that Miguel Torga did not hesitate in reference, “There are places in the world that are as certain human existences: everything comes together so that nothing miss to the human greatness. This Gerês is one of these.” (Diary VII). The PNPG presents itself as the most important protected area of the country. The fauna, once the richest in the country, it took part the Brown bear( Ursos arctos) and the Geres goat( Capra pyrenaica).

Today the park presents a wide variety of vertebrates, with about 235 represented species, where it highlights the Buck ( capreolus)-symbol of the park-, the Iberian Wolf( Canis lupus) and the Garron of Geres (Equus caballus). It also presents a diverse flora due to the climate, since it is part of a transition region between altantica and mediterrania influences.

Throughout the park area easily are revealed archaeological and historical traces of great interest as the megalithic monuments, Roman nated, among others.

These are features that adds value and interest to Geres.



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