Over the times, there are many pilgrims and tourists who demand to the Sanctuary. Some make the route on foot, from the most diverse regions of the country. Others use all the means of transport that allow access to the current Basilica. Many of the pilgrims make this journey isolated, others in family or group. Given the huge spiritual, cultural and economic interest of the different routes that lead to São Bento da Porta Aberta, the Administrative Board in collaboration with different entities has been working on the track and respective safety of the called routes of St. Benedict. This concern is already candidate to funds that allow to achieve these goals.

In these hiking praying, beyond the sacrifice pilgrims make different types of offers to the Holy Patriarch. Some of these offers are a part of a centuries-old tradition: as the supply of salt, eggs, oil, wax figures, etc.

The main pilgrimage, sanctuary officials are:

– 21 March (Death of St. Benedict)

– 11 July (European Patron Festivity)

– 10 to 15 August (Big Popular Pilgrimage)

The Sanctuary celebrates at 12 July, since 2014, the S.João Gualberto festivity (Benedictine monk, founder of Valombrusanos) Patron of Forests in some countries.



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